Course Topic Template

What’s the topic of your next online course?
So, you want to create an online course? Awesome! The first step in the online course creation journey is to decide what you want to teach – your course topic. The Course Topic Template will help you organize your ideas.

After you download the free template, follow the steps below to craft the perfect course topic.

First, list your skills.

In the first column, list the broad subjects in which you consider yourself an expert and would be comfortable teaching. Try to list at least ten potential topics.

Use Klout to expand your list.

You can expand your list by adding topics in which others consider you an expert. One good source of this information is Klout. Klout is a social media ranking application that scores users based on their influence. Klout has a function called “Klout Topic Expertise” that categorizes users as experts if they’re ranked among the top few percentages of people talking about a subject on social media.

Next, list target audiences.

There are two types of audiences that should be listed in this column:  Audiences that you, as an instructor, want to target and audiences that would be interested in learning your skills.

The best place to start for the first audience type are the audiences you have access to, as these will be the easiest people to reach. What groups are you connected to? For example:

  • Do you have a blog with a certain type of reader?
  • What contact groups are included in your email list?
  • Who are your followers on social media?
  • Do you have a job that gives you unique access to a particular audience?

For the other audience type, list any audiences (regardless of your access to them) who would be interested in courses covering the listed skills.

Third, list what your audiences want to learn.

For the final column, get specific. What skill of yours do you think each of the audiences want to learn? For example, you may be exceptionally good at baking. Do your audiences want to know how to bake delicious cookies? Do they want to learn how to bake bread? The more specific and targeted you are to their interests, the better.

Now put them all together!

The last step is to draw lines from skills, target audiences and what they want to learn. You can use the following formula for crafting your course topics:

I want to create an online course about 1, targeted at who want to 3.

Connecting the dots between each column will serve as your seed list of possible course topics.

Of course, not all topics will make successful courses. Enroll in the Complete Guide to Awesome Online Course Creation course if you want to learn how to validate your ideas and pinpoint the most profitable ideas!

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