Create Awesome Online Courses

Learn to build high quality courses on a low budget with no prior experience.

What is an Online Course?

Online courses are like traditional courses but are accessed via the web by an unlimited number of students. No commuting is necessary, course materials are included, and costs typically range from free to relatively cheap.

Online courses consist of a series of short video lessons. Pre-planned and pre-recorded, online courses are usually better organized than traditional courses and typically taught by experts with field experience. Moreover, online courses are largely asynchronous, so students can learn when, where, and how they want to.

Why Create an Awesome Online Course?

Education is changing. Talented individuals from all over the world are using little more than their smartphones to create, share and sell courses. Over 20,000 instructors have published a course on Udemy to easily connect with over 9,000,000 eager students willing to pay to learn. Others are building companies around their courses, quitting their day jobs and spending their time educating others.

Be it cooking, yoga, photography, programming or business, everyone is an expert in something. With equal portions know-how and elbow grease, you could start selling courses online – converting your expertise into passive income.

Creating Online Courses is Complicated.

Creating awesome online courses requires skills in videography, animation, instructional design, screencasting and video editing. This is to say nothing of the skills needed to deliver or promote a course to students. With an Internet full of awesome online courses, you can’t just slap something together and expect it to sell or attract students.

That’s Where Instructory Comes In.

Instructory offers online courses that walk you through every step needed to launch an awesome online course:


Understand what to consider before you start recording, and gather the necessary equipment (most of which you already own)!


Learn the terminology and steps needed to create an awesome course, from drafting a course outline to exporting the final videos.


Discover the best places to publish or host your content. Give your course a catchy title and a price that converts the most students.


Master the many ways to promote your course to target audiences, and learn how to keep your students engaged.

Start Learning Today. Start Creating Tomorrow.

What are you waiting for? There are students out there ready to learn what you know!

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